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The pizzaboy is a zombie The pizzaboy is a zombie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow duud

Heheh i laughed my ass off on this song. its very well done. i like the part when the zombie does "PIZZA GOING OUT CMON, ehueheueheuegehuehue" its so awesome. The beat is awesome with a ghostly melody and dramatic parts :P. It reminds me of those old video games.

Anyway this is another very original song from you.
Keep up the good work ;)


MadMath responds:

Thank you for this positive feedback !
Glad you understood it as a joke, it was supposed to be one. Yeah I tried to combinate an horror-fright melody with some burlesque accents, and to turn it a bit ridiculous and funny with the samples.

Thanks again for the review and the good rating !

From Life to Death in 1'43 From Life to Death in 1'43

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man so awesome

This is very original. At first you hear a baby cry when it was born, then you hear some children play, then you hear he/she gets married or maybe a college party? And after that a traffic jam xD. And then in all the sudden he dies, poor fella only lived for 1:27 min. After that a quick flashback of his life with a ticking clock and a shot to finish it of.

I must say your instruments/samples choice is very good, every "life phase" another instrument, other beat. It's very original.

Overall, this is a nice piece of originality and awesomeness in a 1:46min pack that you wont find easily on NG.


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MadMath responds:

Woow thanks a lot for your time and this very nice comment.
And great to see that it's a good song and not only an original one in your opinion. :)

Raving in the Rain - BeefourMu Raving in the Rain - BeefourMu

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Happy melody

I find this song very soothing. And i like the part when all the tunes come together. I never heard a song like this one :P I can listen to this all day long ;)
Keep up the good work.

Also check out my new Hardstyle song if you want.


SUB4RU responds:

Thanks, I will check out your song now :)

- BeefourMusic -